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I came across your "Anatomy of an APPS" post from a couple months ago. I thought I would run a couple of trouble shooting thoughts by you.

I've had my Ram for a little over a year. In that timespan I have had dead peddle issues every other month or so. Two weeks ago this turned into a binary throttle response (idle okay, barely touch the accelerator and get wide open throttle--WOT).

I went through APPS recal and resetting procedures to no avail. All the symptoms said my APPS is dead so I ordered a new one. I've replaced and have the same issue.

I put a scanner on and got no codes. The voltage on ECM pin 23 is as stated on APPS label. I've checked the resistance on both old and new modules and get roughly 0.4-2.2kohms on pins 3 and 4.

Is there any way to test the idle validation switch? I heard that this is the typical weak link. I get an open when checking resistance between pins 1 and 6 or 2 and 6 when rotating potentiometer. I would have thought that I would get a zero reading at one of the positions and pin combinations.

Any thoughts?
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