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Apps.. Fyi

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So the past couple winters I would get an APPS code, only in cold weather and I would not have have overdrive when this happened.
CEL P2127. it would eventually warm up and disappear but on extremely cold winter days. No OD was available.During warm weather there was no issues.So this year I noticed the issue was becoming more sensitive to the cold and broke down and spent the money and i installed the the sensor, mine is near the front of the engine near the valve cover. It fixed the problem.
I know these APPS codes can be various things but the sensor corrected my problem and no more issues in the cold.:coffee:
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Deja vu! My codes didn't exactly implicate the apps but replacing it fixed the funky throttle problem plus a few other problems that didn't set codes. Best $160 spent. Craig

what exactly did you replace to rectify the issue thanks
what exactly did you replace to rectify the issue thanks
Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor.APPS
No apps on a 97. You're lucky!
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