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Anyone try one of these for an intercooler boot?

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Has anyone tried one of these to use as an intercooler boots and if so did it work?

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it tapers more than 1/2 an inch. its prob more like 3/4''(my tape measure is mia at the moment, so i cant tell you exactly :banghead:)

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yeah, i had a boost leak so i bought a full kit. the passanger side is on, but im waitin my turbos to do the driver side.

they fit great, didnt have to tweek them at all. they are alot thicker than stock for sure. the clamps fit a little tight, so you have to squeeze them a little with channel locks to start the nut.
BTW: i have a snow stage 2 and im planning on a 62/65/12 over s475 1.32ar. is there a point to running water/meth with twin turbos?
NO. i got an actual boot kit from a verder here on CF. if i remember the whole kit was like $125 to my door.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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