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Anyone running the new TrueFlow XDI system?

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I have been looking around at all the intake systems that are out now, I am leaning to the afe megacannon, and the XDI system caught my eye, and wondering if anyone has any input on that system. Thanks for input guys.
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i was pretty set on buying the xdi intake from trueflow after seeing it on my buddies '07 5.9 but from what I have seen is the entire intake gets really hot and the filter is really close to the metal inclosure so it is always pulling hot air. my friend isn't too happy with it as of right now but it is a really good deal and it looks nice......i am just gonna end up going with icebox.
Mega Cannon go rite on bi.....
thanks for the info i think i might have to look into it a little more
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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