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Anyone running Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10's?

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I just bought a set for my wife's Tacoma. I'm thinking about running a set of 315/70/17's on my 3500. Even though they are a 10 ply, they show up as a load rating D. I plan on getting a truck camper while towing about 7-8000 lbs behind. Is anyone running them and towing heavy? Any input is appreciated, Thanks
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I had them stock size on a 2012 dually and I tow a lot with 15 to 18k load. Was happy with performance and handling but they are slick with 30k on them even with rotating every 5k. I would not buy them again bfg all terrain set before these lasted 55k. Only reason I tried them was because that was only tire discount had 6 of the day I went to get some new ones.
Had a set on my F350 - got decent mileage out of them, but the traction was not all that great. I am going to try something different on my new RAM.

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