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Anyone running a Silver Bullet 64?

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I'm looking into a mild turbo swap, a couple of local diesel guys recommended this turbo. Just wondering if anyone has first hand experience with this set up and if so, what pros and cons??? thanks
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Pros are it flows enough to support 650hp, and it'll spool fast.

Cons are it'll be really hot. This is because the s300 frame turbos aren't big enough to effectively cool the fire (remember you have a lot of cubic inches which makes spooling turbos much easier. Also makes more heat) most people who go the s300 route don't feel comfortable putting anything more than stock fuel (sometimes not even beyond a tow tune) because of egt's

S400 frame turbos do much better on the 6.7's due to their larger housings, turbine wheels, and if my logic is sound compressor exducers
Will spool super fast. EGTs are not bad with tuning and mild fueling. I would see 1300-1400 max on an incline towing a 36ft 5th wheel.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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