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This is a orange'ish red two tone truck with diesel inferno airbrushed on the tailgate, also has bully dog on it as well.

suppose to have made 880hp @ RW??

anyways saw the truck in burleson Tx today and ran the guy that said he just bought it a little bit. and IMHO id have to say that truck is slow. the tranny wasnt shifting correctly and he couldnt get it to spool up from a dead stop it was bad news. plus i cant say he was running the juice or anything else.

Diesel Inferno

Truck Specs: 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Quad Cab 4X4

Engine & Performance:
Bully Dog Triple Dog

Bully Dog Propane Injection

Bully Dog Dual Shot Racing Nitrous Injection Kit

Bully Dog 6” Aluminized Exhaust System

Bully Dog 80HP Fuel Injectors

CT Performance Water/Methanol Injection Kit

DPP FASS Fuel System

Suncoast Convertors Custom Transmission

Fluid Dampr Harmonic Balancer

Optima Battery

Chassis & handling:

Bilstein Shocks

Baer Brake Rotor Kit

KMC Rockstar Wheels

Nitto Tires

Body & interior:

Sherwin Williams Planet Color Paint

Paint Design by Kris Horton

Paint by Lost River Auto Body and Anderson’s Body & Glass

Suncoast Creations Hood

Street Scene Arrow Kit

Street Scene Bumper Cover

Street Scene Roll Pan

Mastercraft Seats

Mastercraft 5-Point Safety Belts

Bushwacker Flares

Truck Covers USA Tonneau Cover

APC Tail Lights

CAG Window Tint

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can't be the same truck that they used to run because the last one they ran was VERY fast....

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can't be the same truck that they used to run because the last one they ran was VERY fast....
Two different trucks. Your talking about the former-Pinks regular cab that is now in the hands of CT Performance up in Canadia...

The "Diesel Inferno" was an 05 I believe, quad/short, 2wd (?) that was slapped together more or less (minus body and interior) on Trucks RIGHT after Stacy David left the show (when I still would watch that garbage.) I dont remember turbo upgrades, if any, but they took it over to the Horsepower TV shop and threw it on the dyno...not sure as to the accuracy of the 880hp though, as it was basically an advertisement for BullyDog and very likely never did those numbers

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that is the bully dog inferno truck, bobby ezell bought it, the owner of 5E diesel. he is from Cleburne
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