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Anyone plowing with a cummins???

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I had a gasser 03 ram 1500 with a western 7.6 blade on it. Truck ran great but felt kinda slugish with 2k of salt in bed. Wonder how these front ends are on the 2500.
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I'd be curious too because I haven't heard much
Front ends are terrible. If you pump some serious money into them they can be alright.
I've been plowing commercially for years w a 05 and than a 06 2500 cummins, yes it's hard on the truck but than the normal ball joints ect I've never had any major problems because of it. I had a 7.5 pro plow and switched to a 950lb Western wideout in 2012 I just finished installing that plow on my new 13 cc 2500 cummins so well see how she does. We all know dodge front ends aren't the best but they sure beat Chevy ifs junk, by the way I'm sure you know there's plenty of power avil with any cummins compared to the gas motor.

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I had a 1985 Dodge Ramcharger snowcommander with a 7 1/2 foot meyer plow that 2 feet of snow did not slow down. Plowing is hard on the drivetrain and anyone who tells you differently has never plowed. Remember you are pushing the snow with your foot down on the gas.
Plowing with Cummins is Great, But not a big fan of all the salt on it.
6 one way..1/2 doz the other
I bought my 05 with a plow set up. Drove it off the lot with the plow on and disconnected it. Hasn't been back on the truck yet. I really don't want do plowing but I will if I have to.
Plowing with Cummins is Great, But not a big fan of all the salt on it.
6 one way..1/2 doz the other
Good point! Salt is definitely not good on any truck.
I plowed from 2005-2011 with my '03......loved plowing with the Cummins. I did put a 2 inch leveling kit on it so it sat a little more level with the plow hanging on it. Rust eventually took over and that truck went down the road.

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I don't plow commercially but do our farm and a couple relatives the truck moves snow with very little throttle and like everything it's all in how you drive I take my time and wash the truck and plow when done both look new
I commercial plowed for several yrs in the 70s in Denver when I had to do anything and everything to put food on the table. The front ends always ran out of traction before running out of power with those SB gassers. The fronts would slide sideways as the wet stuff built up in front of the blade. Dry snow was OK. I'd think the heavy diesels would be great with really aggressive tire tread. Craig
I plowed yesterday here in NJ for a couple of hours. Pretty much idled while pushing the snow and didn't have a problem. I switched into 4WD only twice.
I have a question. When you are driving to another plow job and the blade is up. How do you keep the blade? Angled-straight? I was driving with mine straight and the engine temp rose a bit. I lowered it to get a little more air into the radiator.
As low as you can and angled it so the blade is away from the passenger side.
This will move the low pressure bubble that forms behind the plow allowing more air to enter your intake.

(the air intake for your truck is on the passenger side).

also you could engage the "snow-plow mode", see sticky.
My friend plows fine with his 24v never any major problems that I know of.
Thanks but I cant do that with my 5.9. Good to know for other people.
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