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Just curious if anyone needs a set of good working oem batteries for their Cummins powered Ram.
I finally took the original 2003 batteries out of my truck and installed new ones from Chrysler.
Would love to sell them to someone who would like to keep using them, rather than to a recycler. Just for fun I would like to know how long they last.

They are still goin...after sitting for a week, slight hesitation or a tad slow when you first turn it over.
Daily driving spins right up.
Did it a year or two ago, in the cold and it keep starting and got better over time.
I needed to have someone help change them for me so I didn't want to leave it till an inconvenient time.

I still feel guilty replacing them.
I guess they wore me
I will hold onto them for a week or so if anyone is interested.

Match the scrap price and they are yours:blues:

PM me if interested..:stirpot:
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