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Posted this in the 3rd gen powertrain thread, but figured it couldnt hurt to see if there is anyone local that might have some good info to offer. I'm in Richmond Twp.

Hey guys, hate to do it but I have some questions on problems I'm having with my trans.

I will apologize in advance if the post seems long but i want to be detailed because I have read through other threads amd want to save all of you the repeating same advice you have given a dozen times over. I will start out saying what I have since that seems a common thread problem.
I have a 2003 QCSB SLT 4X4 with the 5.9 h.o.. I had a mild rebuild on the trans a few years back, at a local shop here in Michigan, I forgot the name of the shop but thats probably irrelevant.

Single disk billet torque converter, supposedly upgraded disks, and solenoid ECT. Should be good for 500-600hp I was told.

The 5.9 is pretty basic and stock, just an old Diablo sport tuner (which I think was actually not even in when the problem started), an intake, and an exhaust. I have a bully dog outlook but nothing special hooked to it just monitoring whatever the obd2 gives it, mostly use it for the Speedo due to the 315/70r17 tires.

I recently changed the TPS, because I had no highway throttle.

Side note my truck does sit a lot, during the week I drive a service van for work and alot of times on the weekend we use the wife's journey for grocery shopping and running around, but Everything has been great til recently.

The issue im having is the typical 1st to 2nd issue. 1st gear revs out then if I let off it will shift then sometimes it stays in 2nd, other times drops back to 1st until i throttle it again then it drives fine through the rest of the gears.

When this all started I was pulling a small rental trailer (6x10 I think) with just some random house stuff (nothing crazy, biggest thing was probably my work bench) it drove the 30ish miles from my house to tractor supply to get the trailer and then on the express way and through the city to my moms without and issue and all the way back, until we got maybe 5 miles from home then after stopping at a stop sign I went to pull away and had a hard time getting in second, and has been acting up for the last 3 or 4 weeks now.

I tried adjusting the front bands last night, and I am curious after the 72in/lbs would more or less turns back tighten up the shift? I tried adjusting the front band 3 times and it seems a little better but not much. Im not super confident in if I made the proper turns back, or if I moved when I was tightening the lock nut. Also went from sticking out of the jam nut 1/8" or so to be flush or just inside the jam nut after I finally got to 72" which seemed like alot for something that went for No problems to messed up during a single drive.

My other concern is when I check the fluid level I am seeing air bubbles in the fluid on the dipstick, something tells me thats not a great sign. I dont have any puddles or spots or anything under the truck showing any obvious leaks but when I climb under I do see fluid on some of the bolt heads and around the pan lip and looks like some fluid around all the stuff around all the stuff by the band adjustment on the drivers side. Like I said not enough to cause drips or any marks in the dirveway, but noticeable when you look under the truck.

Also looks kinda wet around the hose connections at the cooler but again no drips or signs of spraying. First time I checked fluid level seemed low but I added a quart and now think it may be over filled.

But the issues were the same before and after adding the fluid, same with the air bubbles they were there before and after.

My plan right now is to do a fluid and filter change, clean everything up the best I can, make sure the pan bolts and torqued properly and see what happens, would it be a good idea while i have the pan off to back the front band adjuster out and try re-torquing from scratch?

Like most of us money is always an issue as Well as time, so id like to try to get most possible issues done at once so i dont have to go back and redo things. So any parts or pieces that could be recommend are always appreciated.

Oh also I did check and no codes are showing besides the erroneous p0602 if i remember right (I checked last night, and just remember whatever it was is supposedly just something that comes up with tuners and such but is nothing to worry about).

Sorry this was so long but I wanted to be detailed so as not to waste anyones time. Thanks in advance, this has always been the most reliable place to find people willing to share their knowledge and most importantly the right answers! Lol
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