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Anyone know where to find body parts?

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I'm looking for a grill item for my truck. It would be the bottom support from the body to the bottom of the grill. I found 1 on two different web sites, that canceled the order due to it not being in-stock. Does anyone know where one might be made/available? On the image it's part number 4.


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There is a guy in the southern Oregon area who advertises on craigslist. He has a horde of dodge stuff. That is where I bought my front fenders from. If he was accommodating to shipping them to me in Alaska, I wouldn't hesitate to track the guy down.. I lost his phone, but I can pm you his name if you like.
Just post what you know please. I’m in Portland Oregon and I need a RR dually fender.

Also I was going to say, is a great resource for checking wrecking yards. Sometimes they don’t get too specific in their listings. You might not find a valance but you can find a cab that has a lot of the parts you need.
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