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Anyone have boost problems with 06's

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I have gone through 3 turbos on my truck and II tells me it is from overheating because I can't get boost above 42psi. I have tried every programmer, had my truck leak checked and added every performance part I can find to try and increase boost but nothing helps. Please let me know if you have seen or heard of this problem before on a 06. Thanks, Tom J.
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A stock 06 turbo doesnt really see 42 psi stock. The turbo sees between 32-37 stock I belive I know someone else will chime in on this too
yeah you are asking way to much out of your stock turbo, its time for a turbo upgrade if you are wanting to see those kind of #s on a regular basis
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How are you measuring boost? It can't come off the OEM sensor or you'll never read higher than that. You've got to use a mechanical gauge.

Second, the '06s (at least mine) have to have a boost fooler other than what's offered in the TST or Smarty. The TS MP-8 does this great, and I have no problem hitting 60 psi with my single.

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I have a Silver 62 (62/74/14) turbo, DDP 90 hp stix, Quad X2 box and a smarty. Also don't worry about trans I have a goerand setup. Thanks, Tom J.
I have a mechanical gauge I use for testing but I don't have a permanent mounting setup for it yet. The mechanical gauge does show some boost sooner than the Map sensor does but even with the mech. gauge I have not seen mor than 43-44 and that is only when it spikes shifting into third or fourth gear. Normally it just stays at 38 psi. Thanks, Tom J.
you need a boost fooler... get a boost fooler, not an MP8, it doesn't fool when it's turned down
The Quad X2 provides boost fooling and keeps me from getting any codes. Is there something that does better fooling and might help with making more boost?
They just keep going up, I have to let of the pedal before they get too high (1500-1600). If I turn everything off and just run the Quad level 1 (65hp) I can keep egt's under 1250. If I load Smarty TNT level 1 and run the the Quad on 1 egt's will hold for a while but finally get too high for a full WOT run. I sometimes run much higher settings but they are only good for passing or merging on the highway, it just gets too hot if I hold the pedal down.
stupid question... have you pinched off the wastegate line?
Yeah, Maybe 2 psi max difference.
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