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Anyone have a lift for sale?

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Hey guys, im looking for a lift. Really open to anything so if your looking to sell, post it up! :thumbsup:

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I have a 6" BDS lift for sale including coils, control arms, dual steering stabilizer, Bilstien 5100front shocks, Bilstien 5125 rear shocks, pitman arm, track bar lowering braket, rear blocks and u-bolts, etc. It was removed off of my 09 Megacab when my Carli equipment was installed. It was on the truck when I bought it at 25K miles and I removed at 30K. I do not know how many miles were on the kit. When it was removed the suspension shop did not keep all of the components like I requested, so they replaced some of the parts with new. The 2 rear shocks were originally BDS, they couldnt find the rear BDS shocks so they replaced with some used Bilstiens 5125s. Everything in the picture is what I have. It appears there are some small u-bolts missing that connect the steering stabilizer to the tie rod/drag link. I do not know if sway bar end links were part of the original kit or are missing also. Asking price for lift $800 OBO

I also have OE full rear leafs, and steering components (tie rod/drag link/track bar) that I took off as well if you are interested. I don't yet have a good price in mind for these will have to do some research.

I was just getting ready to do a big garage clean out add in the for sale forum listing this stuff along with OE rear diff cover and trans pan, and A-pilar trim.

Truck with the lift on it:

***Truck did have death wobble when this was installed. I did, however, also replace the ball joints and change tires and wheels, when the lift was removed. I do not what was causing the death wobble or if it was a result of any of this equipment, the suspension geometry that this lift created, the previous alignment, the tires I had, or the ball joints I replaced. Everything is sold as is, no guarantees.
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I am near Ft. Worth.


What's missing.....What I know/think is missing is mentioned in the post.
Bump. Anything?
If you are not interested in mine, please say so and I will peddle elsewhere.

P.S. Your limited PM inbox is full.

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Yep. Haven't advertised it anywhere except for below in this thread. PM me if you want.
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