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Anyone have a lift for sale?

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Hey guys, im looking for a lift. Really open to anything so if your looking to sell, post it up! :thumbsup:

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Thanks tx09 ill do alittle googling. Could u find out exactly what is missing? And do u know if it still has the bds warranty?

Txcummins, ill have to check about the short arm. Also still have my Laramie wheels so dont need those!

Could I get a location from you two and anyone else that post from here on. Helps to knw where you are! Mobile app wont show it.

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The BDS warranty is only good for the original purchaser....I have a BDS lift on my truck. My buddy purchased the lift so if I every have a problem he can get it fixed for me. Also BDS owns Zone lifts. Zone lifts are alot cheaper than BDS lifts and you still get the warranty. I found a 5" Zone lift on ebay brand new for $770
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