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If you want to crack injector tips, ruin your cp3, have a rough idle and run high egts go with the predator. If you want good power with a wicked tune that wont make your 05 run like crap, my suggestion is a smarty\mp-8 combo. Thats just my opinion but I learn from experience.
Lol that was the most blunt answer I think I have ever

But all jokes aside. the predator combination can give good power, it gives REALLY good top end power. And yes it is incredibly cheap for the amount of power it can give. However, the puck stack can raise rail pressure pretty high. Your EGT's will be very high as well. I have been saying this quite a bit but the 610 series which I assume yours is? They run very hot already.

The predator can also dump so much fuel that it can actually kill the fire in the engine which can prevent you from doing boosted launches (I know because I had this problem). So with that being the case I went with the smarty tuner. I am making more power with the smarty than I could have ever obtained with the predator stack. And most of all it's incredibly adjustable and tunable. Also the smarty runs cooler than any other tune on the market for our truck.....

I would buy the smarty in my opinion. With that tune as you get more mods you can make more power with that Smarty itself then you could with the predator stack....
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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