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Anyone got a white 3rd gen two-toned?

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Allright my truck is WHITE. I am thinking about maybe doing a 2-tone or painting the bottom rockers and getting some Bushwacker pocket flares and have them painted. Any pics or suggestions?
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My last Dodge was two tone - had silver on the bottom and white up top..I liked it...but I like the total white I have on mine now....
My 03 is white with silver on the bottom. Looks great, love it, looks better than solid white IMO, especially if ya painted the fender flares silver. Killer :thumbsup:

Theres a longbed around here with that EXACT scheme and its bad. Looks real good
mine is two tone white and grey on botom i just ordered my pocket style flares and im going to paint them grey to match the bottom if your trucks already all white i say leave it ive seen an all white one with flares and it looks slick too
Here's my '03. Started solid white, then painted the bottom 3/4 Ford Sonic Blue.



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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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