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Anybody with turn out stacks?

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I'm debating between 5 and 6 inch turn out stacks for my truck next month and wondering if any of you folks are running them and if so could you post up some pics? 2nd Gen trucks would be preferred as thats what I have. Also does anybody know if any companies sell black or unpainted stacks that I could have painted? I'm going with a blacked out look on the truck and would like to do something other than traditional chrome. Any and all responses are welcome.
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You could search for a thread on stacks i know ive seen a bunch in the past!!!

Call Farmboys diesel he will hook u up with a stack kit with the un-painted/chromed stacks!!

If you want black or black chrome...just post in the request a quote!! Jbarker will help you!!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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