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Anybody else's like this?

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So I'm driving down a gravel road today, with my window half open because it was so nice in Manitoba today, and I hit some washboard, truck rattled around a bit, and I swear it sounded like the window was gonna fall out. Is anybody else's like this? Dads 03 isn't that bad, and neither was my 99 half ton ford. Seems like their is alot of rattle in my truck that shouldn't be their. Just was wondering if it's only mine?
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my window rattles rolling down the highway when it is completly rolled up. i noticed that when its rolled all the way up te rear of the window will actually kick up a bit. im hopeful that there is some sorta adjustment i can make
It's just like the window is sitting on top of the bracket thing and not even fastened.

think there is a way to put something in between the class and the regulator that would help isolate the glass from the vibrations. maybe something like a thin piece of foam... just an idea
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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