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Any truth to the RUMOR

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Last Year for the Mega Cab, as dodge is bringing back the Crew Cab?
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With the new 4th gen introduction for 2009 it appears the MC is dead. But it may live for one more year until the HD is introduced in 2010.

Sob i heard done in 4 months.. Im gonna have to grab a MC now then...
I thought it was only no more MC for the 1/2 ton trucks??
If they do away with the mega thats gonna make the value go through the roof and its gonna cost some major :$::$: to buy one in the future!!! Im hanging on to mine for sure!
I would be really happy to see a smaller cab that came offered with an 8' bed, but still bigger than the QC... I think they would sell more of that config than the MC... I have read they will keep the RC, and QC, and add a CC... pretty good option IMHO...

Yeah MC value will not fall fast if they discontinue the cab... especially the 5.9 MC... Just look at what the 6.7 did to the 5.9 values...
This is a qoute from my local dealership owner, they will no longer have them on the lots, but if you want one you can still order them he has 21 on order right now, there are now going to be selling what dodge calls a true crew cab, same cab length as mega, but two full size doors, so it wont have the 12" section behind back door he showed me some pictures of one of the testers, and it really doesn't look that bad, but i don't think that it will be as roomy as the mega cabs!!
Definately time then to jump on one.
what i heard was that when they start the 4th gen body style there will not be a mega cab, it will be a quad cab that is the same size as the mega cab.
Well i bought 1 tonight, i wasn't takin a chance... the wife isn't talking to me either... lol

So im gonna have lots of play time tomorrow since i'll be alone and not nagged and no can you do me a favor... if i only knew buying a new vehicle without saying anything would have gotten this response....
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