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any one running a GDP 2 mcron filter kit ?

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any one using this kit thinking about buying it to add some safety

how did it fit ?
easy to install ?

my truck is a 2012
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Thanks i wanted to make sure it would fit on the stock truck.

With the advise/help of you guys i just ordered the Kit. Figure its alot cheaper then a cp3 or injectors in the long run.

Later on if i get spare money and i plan to upgrade the power more how much will this filter flow or support about how much hp ?

Cause I know with a mini max on hot dam it will be limited by fuel flow stock
Im running my AD165 through the CAT filters on a GDP setup. Fuel pressure reading is between the filter head and the CP3. I have never seen an instance where the CP3 was lacking fuel pressure. A constant 14-16 psi is seen across all MM settings and driving habits.
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