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any need for a bigger alternator???

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my alternator is shot, had it tested and i'm only putting out 42 amps at 2000rpm with ALL accessories OFF.

i run a few things directly from the batteries:
sport headlight conversion harness
fog lights and driving lights (400w total)
espar heater/in cab fan (prior to startup)
aftermarket stereo (i think 1200w total)
will be adding underhood LazarLites, and probably some more fog or driving lights in the future.

do any of you see a need for a bigger alternator with more output? or is a 140amp replacement good enough?
seems as though i may have a couple of options on 200amp replacements . . .

any input is much appreciated!
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Only reason I see for needing a bigger one is if you start blowing them regularly but from your mods I really can't see the need for a bigger one. Having two batteries put a lot of strain on the alternator as it is so it puts you at piece of mind you can go ahead and spring for the bigger one, not going to hurt anything.
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