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Also try posting this on the 'Request a Price Quote' forum. You will get more visibility by the vendors on here.

As for the transmission...I have a Goerend in my 04.5 and when my trans in my 01 goes..I am putting a Goerend in it. I went the full billet..input, intermediate, and output shafts, upgraded flexplate, and had him put in his v/b and the lifetime triple disc converter.
I bought my Goerend in 2005, so the price was much lower than it is now. Dave was (and still is) excellent to work with and I purchased the trans directly from him, shipped through ABF Freight, and had my local Dodge dealer install it for me. I went to school with the dealership owners son and their diesel techs. Too bad I moved to Colorado now though... Anyway, Dave didn't even charge me a core. That's how I did it...and probably how I would again.

And for his warranty...he does want you to use a reputable shop. A dealership, or someone he recommends qualifies.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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