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Any difference in tow mirrors from 02-08?

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Hey guys, my wife was backing out of the garage this morning and I guess decided she didn't like the passenger mirror on the truck anymore so she let the garage take it off. :thud:

Are the power/heated tow (flip up) mirrors all identical from 02 through 08? I called the dealership and they have a different part number listed for 06-08 of 55077444AM. Looking on ebay and a few other parts sites I see the mirrors as listed as 02-07 and part number 55077444AH. Is there any difference between them? I am trying to find the cheapest, but best replacement option as they want $575 for a Mopar replacement from the dealers. :$:

I have an 07.5 4x4 3500 Mega Cab Laramie.

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03 to 08 the new pn is 55077444aq dealer cost is 245.00 list is 404.00 it is the same on all dr trucks
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