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Another thread about headlight problems

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2003 2500.
How do I test the Body Control Computer?

Used to have HIDs. Tried with two different systems. One cheapo slim ballast 35W HID low beams w halogen highs. Plugged directly into the oem harness. Worked great never threw a "lamp out" light. Then began to flicker and fry ballasts. Replaced ballasts w new and added relays. Now lamp out light and failure to fire and turn on. Went back to halogens. No lamp out, headlights working perfectly. Then got "can bus" harnesses w relays Hi-LO solenoid HIDS and "can bus" ballasts. Worked great for one year. Then pass side headlight stopped working. Went back to halogens. problems resolved for 6 months. Then pass side headlight stopped working again and lamp out light. Bulb replaced, problems continue. Now no matter what I do I cannot get my pass side light working. This is a can bus data system that controls blinking and timers of all the lights. No fuses! I have read corroded headlight sockets can cause similar problems. Not the case here, mine are super clean however new sockets are in the mail. I have also read the BCC or BCM body control computer/module can fail leaving the same symptoms. SO how do I test it?:ah:
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And just a thought The same year Dakota headlight switch is a normal 12V mechanical switch with resistor based dimer and timers. It would fit in the dash, and the original headlight switch could be left plugged in to the harness to preserve the rest of the lighting functions. THEN there would be nothing to interrupt the headlights i.e. HIDs would be a piece of cake.
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