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97 ram 2500, 12valve, fmvb 47re, 2wd, compound turbos
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I have a 97 12v lots of engine work done did a rowdy pull last wee on a back road, after the pull truck ran great dropping friend off at his house 5 minutes from where were were, got on the high way and while going fown highway i started getting what sounded like a pop through the exhaust, no fuel pressure drop, did not sound like metal on metal. Got home cracked injection lines seems like fuels lowing fidnt change pitch of motor minus bogging doen due to fuel loss on all cylinders, pulled head off valves are good seats seem to be good, pistons are good… im loat could it be and injector or dv possibly? Its popping from idle through all rpm ranges, push rods are good and seem to be moving with all motion
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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