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Another great truck fest

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I just wanted to say Thanks to all of you cummins forum members that stopped by the booth today and Saturday to say hello and shoot the sh&t.

I was great seeing some new faces from here and seeing all my friends from previous events again also.

Truck Fest was a huge success again this year and a great time was had by all. A big thanks goes out to Dan and Kevin From Valair clutch for driving all the way up here to spend the weekend with all of us and for getting the Texas Diesel Funny car over to our booth for the morning:thumbsup

As far as the racing goes it was also a blast. My truck ran a best ever time of 12.86 @ 104 MPH:hyper: I made it to the fourth round of eliminations but fell asleep at the lights and lost but at least it was to a Dodge Dieselguy84 (Eric) ran a personal best time of 14.2 @ 95 mph:beer. Cliff and i raced and again i beat him:CRY: But its getting closer as there was only 1/10th difference but a W is a W. Right Cliff?:thumbsup Adam did great in the pulls in the street stock class at 278 ft. dieselpizzaguy raced for the first time ever and made it to the fourth round also.:thumbsup

If i missed anyone else who was there racing, lets hear from you and your results. we have lots of video and picks that we will post as soon as we get them loaded up.

A big thanks goes out to Banshetroy for all the effort he put into making the forum T-shirts and having them to me on Sunday:beer Also congrats on winning the Raffle for the quadzilla X2box:woot: I will post up the pics of the shirts soon and will be taking orders for a new batch. PM me with your info. shirts cost will be 20.00 each and they are sharp

Hope to see you all again soon and for those who missed it this year mark your calendars for next year.

Laters John:peelout
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You got it Adam, it was our pleasure. think about that deal i made you on the clutch. i have a DD here on the shelf for you:peelout

oh i know it's waitin for me. i just wanna see what this single is made of. and more than anything i want to put some power down asap. dont worry tho im pretty rough on things and there is never enough power. also the first time i get smoked off the line from a boosted auto i'll be calling you right away for the DD. :hyper:
I can make that happen for you if you want :lol3:
sigh he sounds like me... just hasent wasted the $$ yet hahaha
Next year's event will be here before we know it!:thumbsup
I had a great time at the truck fest this year.

John - I was the guy that picked up the smarty and air filter on Sunday. I'm up 1 more # of boost, and having a really hard time keeping my foot out of it. :peelout

Actually, I got around a brand new saab on the highway 70-100, normally that wouldn't really mean much, but I had just picked up 640#'s of concrete and 80 fence boards. Pour guy doesn't know where to spend his money.

I can make that happen for you if you want :lol3:
That reminds me, got any updates? Options/Prices? I'm thinking we may need to start talking turbo to......:$: I ran neck and neck with a second gen today up to 115 and that just don't cut it :lol3: Not to mention I was just a little scared to look at my temps :lol3:(I don't feel to bad he had alot done to it)
I can make that happen for you if you want :lol3:
well i think ill be stayin away from white dodges for a little while. if only it were that easy to sell stuff. just beat the guy in a race and he buys a clutch lol. well with a slipping clutch i outran an 06 with crazy larry so i was proud of that.:peelout if i ever win the lottery we might both be rich tho:woot:
Jay nice meeting you. glad everything worked out.

Adam if you win the lotto let me know :lol3: you will have the fastest truck around for sure:peelout

John - It was good to meet you too. The next time you see Mike, would you mind asking him about the box for the smarty. I have this fear that my 2 dogs (8 months old) will want to chew it up.

Maybe I'll have to buy some more parts so you can throw it in a box and ship it.:$:


no problem Jay. i think i have an old smarty box here too. PM me your address.


Happy late Birthday John, Now I'm three years behind ya until May:lol3:
Happy late Birthday John, Now I'm three years behind ya until May:lol3:
yep, happy birthday john, but i must be 10 years behind you:rof:rof:rof
haha john i need to stay away from you. i get the same urge as when im on the snapon truck:$::CRY:
hey john i will give you a call today to order those guages....about how long will it take to ship them to johnstown?
Thanks for the order:beer it is a good possibility you could see them on Friday:peelout

i will send the tracking number to you asap
thanks John:thumbsup
41 - 56 of 56 Posts
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