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Hello all. New to the forum and to diesels. I recently bought a stock 2007 QCSB 4X4 truck with the 5.9 cummins. I want to upgrade my exhaust and intake at the same time and do not know what the best route would be. Here are a few things i am looking for out of doing this upgrade and hopefully the pros (you guys) will lead me in the right direction.

1) Better MPG's
2) Better sound (not too loud with no droning)
3) Better Performance
4) I heard a truck with an exhaust on it and when he accelerated, you could REALLY hear the turbo spool up thru this exhaust. I would like this also. It sounded really good.
5) My budget is around $1,000.00. Can these two upgrades be done within my budget and can i expect all of these things out of this upgrade??

Thanks to all for having to reply to ANOTHER exhaust/intake question. I am not very good with the search function and i did not really find the ansewers i am looking for when i did a search.
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