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ANOTHER cold start question

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I didn't want to hijack the other cold start question with one of my own, so here it is:

I didn't plug in the block heater last night, and by the time I remembered I was warm in bed. Since it was only going to get down to the upper 20's, I figured I'd be fine.

When I got in the truck this morning, (started with remote start 8 minutes before going out) the engine was at high idle (no surprise) but there was a message on my EVIC that said "Battery saver mode."

That message stayed on until I shut it down when got to work about 20 minutes later. When I left this afternoon, it was 30 degrees. Same procedure...remote start 5-10 minutes before going EVIC message.

So I guess my question is: WTF does Battery Saver Mode mean, and do I need to worry about it?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts's been cold enough in KY for the automatic high idle to engage on my truck (a Tradesman as well) but I've never seen the "Battery Saver Mode" message. Tell us about your remote it OEM dealer installed or aftermarket???
Tell us about your remote it OEM dealer installed or aftermarket???
It is aftermarket. It's a Smart Start module (control with your smart phone) attached to a Python remote start. I've used it daily for the last month and a half with no issues....of course this is the first really cold night we've had.
Upper 20's is really cold? :) Never seen that message either. Maybe something they hooked up wrong when they installed your aftermarket remote?
I have seen this in other Chrysler cars. Means 1) low battery voltage or 2) charging system error or 3) pos computer malfunction that ends up being a ghost in the system and will just need to be reflashed.

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My '14 3500 tradesman reg cab cab/chassis has the "battery saver mode" message as well. Truck only has 285 miles on it. Don't even have my hydra-bed installed yet. It sat in the driveway during our last cold spell, but was plugged in. Had to run to town the other night so decided to drive it. It started and ran fine. Noticed the message flash up on evic and thought it was kinda nice to know. But now it won't go away... read on the car forums about faulty alternators and possible fire issues. It'll be going to the dealer tomorrow...
It means the battery voltage has dropped low enough to the point where the computer turns off accessories to conserve battery power.

I'm guessing the truck started, and entered a normal low idle and started cycling the grid heater, and that pulled the battery voltage down real low before high idle kicked up and started charging the batteries faster.
I understand that. How long before the message goes away? Started the truck today, air temp was near 60 degrees. Truck was still plugged in. Message still there. Sumpin' aint right.
I did check voltage in evic before shut-down just for sz and giggles. It was at 14. Shouldn't the message go away?
Sorry I haven't updated this thread. I took the truck to the dealer. They did a flash update and the battery saver mode stopped cycling.

I also had 14 volts during the time my message was displayed. It's been in the single digits here, I haven't plugged the truck in for several days. Starts every morning and runs fine with no Battery Saver message.
Cool. Thanks Dabush. I'll take mine in and get that done too.
Took a brand new 2014 for a test drive today and the power saver mode came up and an engine light. The truck has been parked for weeks and it was 20 out, but the thing is brand new! When it was in this mode, the radio wouldn't work and the heated seats wouldn't stay on for more than 5 sec. The truck needed fuel before I took it out. So when i shut it off to fuel up and when I restarted it the power saver mode was gone and everything worked again…. engine light stayed on. Told the dealer to let me know what was up.
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