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Another Canopy/Topper question

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So, I'am wondering will a canopy (leer to be specific) from a 2010 long bed fit on my 03 long bed. I ask cause i found one on craigslist for $100 with minor fiberglass damage, which is an easy fix for me. I have searched google up and down and couldn't find a solid answer for this questions. I was reading about how the 4th gens have curved ends on the bed. If so how much of a curve is it really, would it be bad enough to where i couldn't just shim it a bit with maybe some foam or rubber to seal it. The guys ad specifically states that its for a 2010, but for a $100 I will put a little more elbow grease into to make it work for my application if it's worth it. Hopefully someone has gone though this before and can shed some light on his topic. Thanks :party018:
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why dont you just buy it and repair it and if it fits and looks good then you are golden. If it doesnt then you can at least sell it for way more than you paid for it and put that towards one that will
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