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Another 06 mega

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I hope this pic of my truck shows up did not work tryed to upload a picture how do you do this again?

Lets try this

MODS Edge juice with attitude tuner, dual exhaust: 5” off turbo to 5” muffler to two 4” dual exhaust pipes, Snow Performance water/methanol injection
50 HP injector nozzles intake manifold Phatshaft turbo on an ATS split exhaust manifold AFE air cleaner Mag Hytex diff covers (front and rear)
Air Dog diesel filter and water remover pump Valair dual disk 550 HP clutch 5 “ inline Pacbrake exhaust brake Pacbrake air compressor rear sway bar
Hell Bent Steel adjustable trailing arms Don Thuren 2008-2012 upgraded steering linkage Carli ADJ track bar Carli front sway bar, Carli upper and lower ball joints
Power Slot front and rear disc brakes New Bilstein shocks more to come !!!

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best way is photobucket account then copt and paste the IMG code into your message. I think there is a sticky on here somewhere about it.
I feel much better!!!
I figured this was to start to another build thread :stirpot::stirpot:
Super clean truck! Let the mods begin!
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no all roses with my truck

so much for the valair dual disk 550 HP clutch one word

Smoked!!! yikes flywheel burned deep 4 different spots wow not good
clutch is out of truck !!

Hello south bend!! give me the 800HP clutch:party018:
Why not go with an 800hp rated valair? Or a valair triple disc. Good luck with southbend! You blew through a 550hp clutch with those mods you were probably close to the 550hp range. So it's not the clutches fault lol
nice megacab, gotta love the backseats
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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