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android auto

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I have a 2017 3500 longhorn, bought it new. I've been wondering if the radio is android auto capable, everything i've read on line says it is but i can't get it to work. I have XT4 with android auto on it and it works no problem, i see the XT4 has an icon on the radio and the Ram doesn't, am i missing something or isn't the ram able to work with android auto?

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Thanks Jimmy07. I wonder if theres a way to upgrade with a download or if thats not possible.

There is a post on here and I know for sure on the RAM forum about swapping out radios. Unfortunately, there is no download for much be a full radio upgrade. The parts are:
RADIO: 68331631AH (UAQ w/Nav) or 68331635AH (UAS w/o Nav)
MEDIA HUB: 68328704AC (RAM) $100 OEM

Depending on how your truck is already equipped, you may need the AlfaOBD software to turn on or change a few settings.
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