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Amsoil 5w-40

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So I put amsoil 5-40 in my truck 1500 miles ago. Why because i live in Alaska. I figured it would help on start up. So every once in awhile when the turbo is boosted good, i get this really short stutter and i let off the pedal, and when the truck has been ran for awhile it smells like burnt oil. I thought I had a turbo seal going bad. I had oil spray out the exhaust, not alot and not all the time, i lost a little oil, burnt oil smell, and my turbo didnt sound right. Well my dealer said there is nothing wrong with my truck. I have heard about the rotella smelling when it gets hot. But not amsoil, i have ran amsoil in things for over 10yrs and this is a first. Please give me opinions on what I should do. The dealer said they took the exhaust off and no oil was found.
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search the forum for turborep's writeups on the HE351 turbo and others.
covers seal, oil usage, EGT shut off questions and multitude of others.

good education on turbos found on Cummins.

sounds like shaft bushing leak problems. Amsoil is mainly PAO based oil with about 20% ester base. the ester base is very effective at carbon removal. sounds like you have or had a turbo with a coked worn shaft bushing. the ester cleaned out the carbon and now you have a leaker.

take it to another dealer

if no satisfaction then take it to your local hot trucks shop that specializes in Cummins.

any experience with working on turbos?
if so, remove intake tube and exhaust pipe to turbo and test for shaft lateral play. especially look for any beginning signs of the either wheel hitting the housing. wheel hitting housing is what causes most loud new failure turbo noise

don't wait or put off testing and repair.
turbo blows and can take out the engine

can't beat that Amsoil for real cold country cold starts. won't cause as much turbo coking either in hard pulling with no cool down turn off period at end of run
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