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alternative fuel/water separator

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Hey guys, Ive found some cheaper fuel water separators on the interwebs that don't come with a lift pump. I saw some fram in line filters that are like $130 that just have barbed fittings on either end for a quick in-line splice. I figure I could get these and a raptor or equivalent for my truck and come out a little cheaper than an air dog or fass titanium. I'm on a budget, but I'm having contaminated fuel issues, and if I get the same result, why not right? Anyone out there done this before?
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Don't go fram.
Don't go raptor.

Read the stickies.
Raptor/airdog are having issues with reliability.
Save up for a fass. Do it once do it right.
I did find some in line filters that have the Donaldson filters for just a few more doll hairs. Would you still recommend against separating it all out? Basically I was just wondering if the stock lift pump made enough pressure to push through a double filter. At least enough until I can save up enough moneys to buy another lift pump.
Good point fellas. Ok you talked me into it
Don't buy contiminated fuel.
Don't use fuel from farm tanks or red fuel.
Don't buy watered down fuel from questionable sources.
Don't add junk additives to good fuel.
You should be able to put together a good filtering system for much less than 130 dollars. I did with quality fittings.
wont it wear out your lift pump faster though?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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