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alot of propane talk lately.

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Alright so Ive been following a post about a CF member whos building a propane setup. I was curious what or if anything exciting would happen if I ran propane with biodiesel? From what I understand propane helps in mileage....I think? Would that or could that compensate for the decrease in mileage from biodiesel?

Or would the two compounds just not work at all?

I havent read anything about this at all.:thumbsup
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Well I have ~$70 total in my propane injection setup(it is done correctly based on boost) and have seen a 8mpg average increase, and a 12mpg peak increase in fuel economy. My kit paid itself off in 2 tanks. I get propane for $10 a 20lb tank so my propane cost is very low. I am very pleased with propane. Dont know about it with Bio though, it should do the same thing.
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