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Alignment specs for a 2.5" leveled truck

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Please someone help me so far after the fourth trip to the shop to get the truck aligned they are still failing. What are the specs that you guys are running to get the truck to drive straight so I can just take them to the shop.

Here's mine currently and the truck pulls right with the steering wheel turned slightly left.

Left camber -0.4. Right camber -0.4
Left caster 4.7. Right caster 4.5
Left toe 0.07. Right toe 0.06
Total toe 0.13
Steer ahead 0.00

Please help. Going back for try number 5 tomorrow.
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I put a level kit on mine and its doing the same slight pull but my mechanic said thats the closest he could get it with my upper ball joints being alittle worn out. It also usually pulls like that because the roads have a crown in the median and slope to the edge of street
yikes! 5th visit! is their equipment calibrated right? dont know why they are having such a tough time.
I can't help you with specs - I'm still stock (but looking to lift it).

One thing to note though, is that unless they adjust your drag link your steering wheel won't be centered when the tires are due to the change in geometry from lifting the truck. Basically, the drag link needs to be lengthened to accommodate the additional lift to keep the steering wheel centered.

Hope that makes sense.

On my recent alignment with a reputable shop, here are my final numbers:
Left toe: 0.08
Right toe: 0.07
Total toe: 0.15

Both caster were at 4.6
Both camber were at -0.1

I'm curious as to why they say it's 'failing'. What are the specs they are shooting for? It doesn't sound too different from mine.

A slight right pull is pretty common with these trucks and add to that the crown of the road like dodgeTTU said. Tire type, balance, and such can affect the right pull.

Carli makes some steering stabilizers to correct for right pull.
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Ok well they got the truck to drive some what straight with just a slight bit of wander which is expected with the wider tires. It is just driving me nuts that the wheel is not centered. It's just a little off to the left.
I would just shorten your drag link a little at a time until you were happy with where your steering wheel was. I gave up after two trips to the alignment shop and did it myself. I also increased my caster a bit and it really helped with the wandering.
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