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Ali Arc replacement

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I am wanting to put a front replacement on my truck and I have always been dissatisfied with steel ones that I had on my old trucks. They were too heavy. I tow in deer country in Texas and we have hit many deer over the years so I want good front end protection. So, I am thinking about the Ali Arc brand of replacements for my RAM 3500. Does anyone have experience with this brand or any other quality aluminum full replacement? Thanks.
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Just looked these up, wasn't floored about the look, but it kind of grew on me. I have seen their big truck stuff and looks right at home on the front of the rig.

80 POUNDS wow, I like the sound of that. If you go that direction, I would love to see pics/know where you got it, all that good stuff.
What kind of money are they going for? I searched but I couldnt come up with much.
I didn't know much about aluminum replacements and still don't. I saw one in Gatesville a couple of times in the last week on a two tone RAM but have not been able to check it out or ask about it. So I started researching. The weight savings is awesome for trucks that are basically maxed out on the front from the factory. The on-line testimonials at the factory site are very impressive. I found a used one on ebay for GM for $750. It even has the lower rake. On new ones I found a dealer in East Texas and then I found this site:

Exterior Accessories - Bumpers - Aliarc Front Bumpers

Their new ones for RAM start around $1600. You could easily pay this or more for a high end steel replacement. Still it is a big investment. I am going to think about it. I would also think that somebody on here has one.
Aluminum Van and Truck Winch Bumpers - Tire Racks - Off Road Products
Denver Off Road
XP Camper for a pic of a Ram w/Denver Offroad's bumper.

Aluminess outfits the Sportsmobiles you see out there. I've visited the factory nearby me.
So the XP Camper is priced at $75K! Oh my...
So the XP Camper is priced at $75K! Oh my...
That includes the bed,bumper and camper. Truck's additional. Oh,my indeed. Luxury offroad camping.
HERD | Products | Moose Bumpers, Bull Bars, Replacement Bumpers, and Semi-Truck Grille Guards

My buddy has a Herd bumper and it appears very beefy. Pricey though.

I have seen several Ali-Arc bumpers over the years up here. Most of them without the lower "cowcatcher" bars were all bent up on the lower skirting. They seem flimsy in that regard.
I found that Buckstop also makes an aluminum replacement. I do like the Herd too. Thanks.

Aluminum Replacement Bumpers by BUCKSTOP Truckware
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The Ali Arc bumpers fold very easy. I do not recommend them. I have seen Herd and Truck Defender bumpers take on deer without an issue.
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