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Anyone know how many lbs/min of air an unmodified head with factory cam will flow at a given pressure? The reason I ask is; if a turbo is advertised to flow 80 lbs/min, but our engine requires a pressure of 60 psi to swallow that 80 lbs/min, that high of a PR has forced the charger off it's map and is incredibly inefficient.
Anyone have this sort of airflow info?
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150 with how much pressure forcing it through?
Is there that little going on in Canada right now?
Lol, we don't have guns to play with soooo..
CHEMMINS, How's the triples coming?

14.47 cf = 1 lb
TOO bad, I was intrigued by your original plan...
Yeah if I could only find a free week to get it all fabbed and installed!
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