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airdog 2 165

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hey everyone im looking to buy a airdog2 165gph. im asking who has the best prices avaiable on these all i see is $670 anyone know any for less?
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Id get with dave Matthews he has the best prices for almost all preformance related stuff.
buy a Fass 150 talk to Jamie at CPP

I speak from experience in both lift pumps and vendors Nothing against Dave
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Fass won't leave you stranded like an Airdog might. QC has gone way downhill....

dont get an airdog... get a FASS... ask my how i know... :banghead:
There is a 400+ post thread on here of airdog issues and the lies they feed customers...
stock fueling my pressure drops below 10 psi. Idle pressure at 20 psi. Typically run 24 psi idle. to keep pressure above 14 psi.
I'm currently having to deal with air getting in line

I'm 90% sure it has to do with my quick connects

I've installed multiple fass systems none of which have had the issues I have

Running my more expensive ad165
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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