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airdog 165 or 200?

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Ok I was just trying to post on comp d and I seriously had a whole page forum.on guys ing at me about punctuation and proper spelling and sh*t I mean wtf I got so pissed off nobody helped me at all.with my issue hopefully this forum wont be English class again and I will find some actual gearheads here
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From what's in your sig I say a 165 would be plenty. I run a 150 and it keeps up just fine.

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Ok so I running everything in my sig except I'm getting ready to install a tst comp box on my the tst is been said its hardest fueling stand alone box for the VP truck when it sees boost that is now with my raptor I have my pressure is 18 at idle 15 1/2 at cruise and 12 at wot o wanna switch to a bigger lift pump to keep up with the volume and I only want my pressure to drop 1 or 2 psi so I was wondering does anyone have any tips info experience with they airdog 165 or 200? Any actual help would be appreciated if ur gunna about not having periods or spelling save it for somebody who cares cuz I don't and neither to actual gearheads thanks guys
Hey Kelly hows ur pressure at wot with ur comp .turned up?
I never run the comp above 6 because it feels the strongest and it doesn't shutter. I have the 17lb spring in and it idles at 17-18 cruising it drops to 15 and at wot It will get to 11 or 12. I believe this is because I have 1. Too much extra line coiled up before the pump and 2. The connections are a little loose and it is sucking air somewhere. I have been meaning to get it all fixed but it has been in the -* lately.

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I really only want mine dropping 1r 2 psi at wot turned all way up I'm thinking I may have to bite the big one and get the 200 it should def keep up with volume and pressure strong
I think it's just a little early and the experienced guys aren't on here yet. I'm sure they will tell you that the 165 is all ur gonna need if there aren't any leaks and it is mounted correctly

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I was trying to say mine is an exception plus I am running some stupid injectors

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fwiw, i would not waste your money on the airdog. the raptor you have now should be able to keep up with the tst. my adII has yet to impress me.
Well it already drops to 12 psi at wot that's without the co
p box on it yet it just makes me nervous that it will drop below ten with the box on there
why dont you just turn up the adjustment on the raptor?
id look into a fass 150
id look into a fass 150
:agree2: If you want an electric lift pump, go with a FASS 150.

Or you could get a mechanical fuel pump. What happens when you stomp the throttle with a mechanical pump? Fuel pressure will increase, not decrease.:thumbsup:
I'm running a stated in my sig lol. No problems here...idles at about 17 WOT just over 15. Course i'm not running the TST but
I got a AD165 with 100% over injectors, no problems with fuel here.
Its already at 18psi at idle anything over that and it will actually hurt the pump I need a bigger pump to keep up with the volume and isn't a fass basically the same as an airdog?
U think a 165 will keep up with the volume?
same basically however rumored to be more reliable than the airdog these days
U think a 165 will keep up with the volume?
can't imagine why it wouldn't...i'm having no problem with my 150 and your injectors are hardly larger than mine and i'm running pump tap fueling on my Quad...
Go with a assassin pump
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