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Airdog 150

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Hi, I know this question has probably been asked before but I could not find the answer I was looking for!
Anyways, I am looking to buy most likely an Airdog 150 for my '99 which has a Juice w/ Attitude and a 4" turbo back. I have the in tank lift pump on the truck and a fairly new VP, bought the truck with all of this done. I am running about 10psi on idle and 9psi at highway speeds so from what ive heard i should buy a better pump. I was just wondering what will need done differently since I already have a lift pump in the tank compared to as on the block. Also will my fuel pressure sender for the Edge still mount in the same spot? Any help would be appreciated Thanks!
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Tell pure flow that you need the kit for the intank pump when you purchase it, they will send you the stuff you need.

There is a port in the manifold on the pump, all i did was extend the wires on my buddies truck to reach back to the airdog for the fuel pres. sending unit.
thats weird, my 99 had the lift pump on the side of the block, make sure you lift the bed off instead of dropping the tank so youre not empty at 1/4 tank
his is a intank unit prolly since the vp and lift pump was replaced under warranty all of them came with pumps by the fuel canister but when warrantied the installed intanks which were a pile of junk also
o i see, yeah wish my truck was still under warranty when my lift pump and vp went :doh:
yeah but the lift pump they put on is still junk and needs to be replaced
Nothing will be different about your kit IF your getting the 150. If you purchase the 100 you will need to specify that you have an in tank pump conversion. We will then include a suction tube kit for no extra charge. Let me know if you have any questions.
o i see, yeah wish my truck was still under warranty when my lift pump and vp went :doh:

both of mine went down TWICE under warranty, i guess that i'm jes a lucky sob...:confused013:

still have the block mounted LP though...:confused013:
I went through 2 campaign LP's on my 99, then a Holley blue, before switching to the AirDog. I should have just bought it in the first place! BTW, removing the bed is no big deal if you get the 150. 1/2 hour and it was off.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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