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Airdog 150 Install w/OEM In-Tank Pump

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Hey y'all,

I've got an Airdog 150 coming in and I've got an OEM in-tank lift pump on m 2001 3/4 ton. I've been told it's okay to plumb the suction of the Airdog so that it will actually pull through the existing in-tank pump, but in searching around I've not seen anyone else doing this.

I'll be honest. It'd be a lot easier to do this than to drop the tank, drill a new draw straw hole, and re-install it....especially since I have 7/8th of a tank right now! Not to mention I'm concerned about drilling on the tank and dropping metal shavings into the tank.

Syphoning the tank would be a possibility, I suppose, but I don't have 30+ gallons worth of gas tanks to put the diesel into. So I'm interested in what my options are...

Also, I've been searching for online instructions for the Airdog 150 (I've found them for the 100) so that I could read up on how to integrate the fuel level sending unit. It seems that the in-tank pump and sending unit are integrated.

Thanks in advance!
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I wound not fool around with the stock pump and pick up, Dropping the tank is not really hard to do, use wait in till you have a 1/4 tank and use a trany jack to support the weight. The hardest thing on mine was getting the quick connects undone, If you have a long bed? your going to have to loosen the carrier bearing on the rear drive shaft to remove the front tank strap.

Once you have the tank down, pick it up and support it on a set of saw horses, in the same location the tank straps sit. That way you can cut the draw straw to length. The tank is plastic not metal, so drilling the hole is pretty easy! Just follow the instructions, there is a lot of photo's to guide you through the install. You need to have the 1/2 line running from the draw straw to the VP with this pump, if your not up to the install, just buy the 100, as it's designed for the stock lines :thumbsup
have you thought about removing the bed its 6 bolts, a ground strap, and a couple of light harness plugs and with 1/4 tank of fuel the tank will be sagging down and you can probably get the siphon tube closer where you want have to worry about running out at a 1/4 tank or a little less
Oh, I wasn't thinking about the tank being plastic. That should make things easier with regard to the drilling. :) I'm not against pulling the bed. It just depends on if I'll have enough help to remove it. From talking with some friends, it looks like I might. I just need to commute in it (gently) this week to get the fuel level lower in the tank.

BTW, I'm still interested in locating the 150 install manual online if anyone has any leads.

i have a long bed and i didnt have to loosen the carrier bearing.
You could do the draw straw in the fuel canister instead of drilling the tank like in this thread, look at post 4, I would also do the return line into the canister too to keep fuel flowing into it, I have mine in the filller neck right now but will be moving in to the canister.
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