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airdog 150 ECM disconnetion??

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Hey guys in the middle of installing my airdog 150, it says disconnect the oe fuel pump lead from the ECM connection?? My truck is an 01 does anyone know where this is?? Getting a little confused with these connections?? Pics would be very helpful or just a better explanation
Thanks, Mark
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I did not remove anything of the sort on mine, But I do remember removing the relay on installing a 150 on a 2005.
Well theres definately a few connections that need to be hooked up here
unplug the OEM fuel pump connector and plug it in there. the OEM conncetor is reffered to as the ecm connection.

Thanks John, I went to the garage and looked at my instructions, trying to answer...You beat me to it:thumbsup
okay guys now one more problem my edge fuel pressure sensor?? i was told there was a port on the airdog for it im not seeing it??
Like its all mounted it up and everything is this why i cant see it, the only thing i see is a port on the side with an allen key plug in it we took it out, but its the same size hole as the other fittings like the return and engine ports.....the edge pressure sensor is abit smaller then those port holes
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