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"Airbag" light on dash

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As the title says. I keep getting the "airbag" light on and off, on and off, on and off. Is it a sensor in the seat? Or in the seat belt buckle? Its driving me nuts. It's an 03 cummins. Non power seats. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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any codes ?
Every time I go to check the code on my tuner nothing shows. It's hard to get to the code reader on my tuner while the light is on. It doesn't stay on very long. It started by going on and off maybe once a day. Now it's going on and off every 3 minutes during a drive. I'm guessing I have a broke or frayed wire somewhere but I don't know where. But I could be way off. The only wiring I see under my seat goes to the seat belt.
What tuner?
Most tuners only read ECM not cluster , EMIC.
If you cant read codes just guessing
EMIC, should show ABM codes
see Headlight out - FCM or other
then can go to FSM in newbies guide and see what they mean
Smarty touch is the tuner I have. You wouldn't happen to know what sensor that light is tied to do you?
airbag module
Smarty does mot read EMIC codes
So where would I find this air bag module?
AFAIK , on all are body styles, ACM should be bottom of center console, behind plastic cover, be careful if messing with wires, should disconnect batteries if doing so
Okay thank you for the info I really appreciate it. I'll tear into it this weekend. I'll post an update. Thanks again.
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