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Air Ride

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I'm in the process of building 4-link for my '08. I was building it for my '99, changed some things for my '06. Sold it and bought an '08. Maybe I will actually get it done before I get my next truck :lol3:

I am always looking for suggestions, ideas, tips, hints, etc.

Only have the front's done. Everything else is measured three times, and drawn out for a fabber to cut. I will tack everything and have it all professionally welded. My little Mig doesn't do it.

I'm using Firestone 2107s, 3500 pound capacity, 9" max diameter. Lift is 4" overall, with 2" extra in front to level it out.

Front right side view

Bottom-The two tabs will have a hole drilled in them and will mount in the lower shock mount bracket.

Top. The space with the machine nut is where the stock upper spring mount will sandwich between the new upper shock tower and new upper air bag mount.

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What is the suspension travel?

Do you know how these bags ride? I have Pacbrake bags on the rear of my truck and I hate them. Due to the tiny volume of air they hold their springrate changes greatly with small deflections. This causes a pogo effect on speedbumps.

Can this be done so that there is only 2 inches of lift at the front and no lift in the rear.

Basically I am looking for an all airbag setup that only levels the truck.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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