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Air Dam Running Lights

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How MAny guys added running lights on thier Air Dam? Lets see some pix and how did you wire them?
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and what "truck stop" would that be nick?
sorry didnt mean actuall truck stop, meant truck part store
We were talking about air dam lights.

Not on the tow mirrors, on my Alien patrol bumper 3 smoked amber ones, you can barley notice that there there till you get right up on them.

My tow mirrors are always flipped up all the time, i am actually working on a smoked lens to put on our tow mirrors, and might mass produce if it turns out the way the picture is in my head. You wont hardly even be able to tell that there are lights till there on and they will function as marker lights and turns.
Which lights did you mount on your mirrors? The 2 in round LED ones?
hey whitelightnin, you ever been to or around dangerville tx? i think i mighta saw ur truck there, if not it was pretty dam close to it
Which lights did you mount on your mirrors? The 2 in round LED ones?
Nope! Iam custom making lenses that house amber LEDs and its gonna look totally stock, youll be able to see them from the front in both the up and down positions from the front and side but not from the cab, iam thinking of a turn around price of $150- $200
sorry didnt mean actuall truck stop, meant truck part store
ahh, so u gonna tell me your plans? still want me to do some photoshopin?
my plan is turn run 5 lights on the air damn
what about the second question?
I need to take a new pic for yea, i wll post it in the "other" forum
Roger Dodger!
yea i run around dangerville tx a lil bit.
Hello everyone, I was looking around for clearance light or chicken lights. Seems to me this is the thread where all the that is covered, some nice rigs in here:drool2:. By glance, i didnt see any pic of this product (LMC Truck Parts - Page 61). If any of you fanatics have had history with them and the input of them. Im talking about the lights that go in the door handle. Should of been more clear on what lights and where they are. Thanks
How are those air-dam lights wired and who makes them? Could you post some more pics?
here is mine, its not much compared to ya'lls but for now i am happy with it

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Dang, i need to take a shot of my LED's i put between my tow hooks. It's only a few for now but i like 'em. Got them off EBAY and they match perfectly with my silverstar turnsignals :D
101 - 115 of 115 Posts
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