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Hey Ya'll

I was going to check the freon in my truck w/ one of those $20 deals that also pierces the top of a R134 can. I have used this same gauge on several vehicles w/o trouble.

My question is, where is the low pressure fitting on an '05? I found the high pressure along the side of the radiator, on the passenger side. The only other fitting I see is all the way back towards the firewall, coming out of the.. well... I guess it's evaporator. This is most likely it, but I've never seen the low pressure fitting on top of this canister before. They were always on a line out towards the front.

Can any one shed some light?

Thanks ya'll
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FWIW, I just visited a friend who was a dodge/cummins tech. He confirmed the only low pressure fitting is the one I described above.

Thanks for the help
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