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Again Which truck to go for??

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I have been looking for a while and found 2 really nice 1st gens and 2 really nice second gens

The 1st gens are $10k each (Canadian)

The 2nd are $14-18k each

I really like the idea of a first gen cause there more unique. But I dont know how you can go on a tank??

So how far can you go on a tank in a 1st gen??

The guy with the 2nd gen ($14k) says he gets 1200km (745.645miles) per tank

Is that right or resonable??

1st gen is a 91 CTD stock (auto)
other is 92 CTD with stick (body rough)
2nd gen is 96 CTD stock (auto)
other is 02 CTD Stock (stick)

All have under 200000km(124274.238 miles)

Which is better??
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I don't know which one is better... Kind of depends on whether you want a VE, P7100 or VP44, and then whether you want an auto or manual.

Some 1st gen guys say they get 20 MPG, with a 30 gallon tank. I can get anywhere from 20+ at the speed limit to 12 at well over the speed limit. Aerodynamics are a killer.
745miles on a 34gallon tank is really pushing it... I know guys that claim 23-25mpg on 2nd Gen's(P-pump and VP44) but that really seems to be the exception and not the rule. You would be getting 21+ if those numbers are true and you were running the tank bone dry.
Go with the 02 stick you will be VERY happy with it just make sure you put in a fuel pressure guage and your golden!!
I'm with blowincoal.

My 04 can easily get 700 miles to a tank. I do it consistantly on a fill up to fill up basis.
Yup, go w/ the 02.
Another vote for the 02.
thanks guys
If you take the money you saved by buying a $10,000 first gen instead of an $14-18,000 second gen, and invest that money in the first gen, you can be in the 12's.

With a couple tanks of Diesel left over.

Or you could put an awesome lift on it with a good paint job and just tweak a hundred horsepower out of the pump for free.

$10,000 is a bit high for a first gen, too. That's what a really clean, low-mileage specimen costs; most down here go for $4000-6000 in moderate condition. I don't know about Canada, but aren't loonies worth more than dollars now?
If the 02 is a six speed definately go for it. I miss mine so bad.
my 1st gen would regularly get 20 mpg and once in a while go as high as 25..
my 98.5 gets 19-20 all the time...
btw, i sold my 1st gen 2wd stick for $3500... if you pay much more than 5 it had better be special....
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