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Aftermarket Switch Panels. Pics?!?

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i was going to custome build a switch panel and put it into one of my dash cuby holes but im to lazzy 2 do that now. so can you guys tell me where you bought yours and where you located them and can i see some pictures of where there at and how they look in your trucks. thanks guys. i need one becuase i have 3 nitrous toggles 1 converter lock up toggle and a fog light toggle. thanks 4 the help guys
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awhile back someone else had the same question. i'll see if i can find it.
lol could of been me. :p
check out :thumbsup
If you have the power rear window like I do, the panel that holds the switch below the radio is easy to put switches in. Pull the dash apart, and you will be able to see where to drill it to fit some switches in. I just put 2 on the driver's side of mine. Little aluminum jobs with led indicators. The power point, and the cigarette lighter are right there to get power from. If you don't have the rear window switch panel like I do, you should be able to buy it from dodge, and replace your lower cubby hole.. Makes for a real clean look..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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