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Aftermarket Fuel Pump question

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I have a pretty much stock 2004.5 325 HO auto tranny with Isspro gauges (fuel press, boost, EGT) and a 5" turbo back exhaust. I am the original owner of the truck and have just at 59,000 miles on it. The only plan for upgrades I have is to buy a smarty. About five years ago my lift pump failed and Dodge did a warranty repair relocating my lift pump to the fuel tank (sucks I know)

My mechanical gauge reads 8 psi at idle and 3-5 at WOT. I do some moderate trailering but mostly just use the truck as my daily driver.

I have looked into the aftermarket fuel pumps and have decided if I do upgrade I want a mechanical pump, most likely the GDP Fuel Boss. I will not put a electric pump on my truck so I am not trying to start a war over that. If I go the mechanical route I will install a fuel sump system.

My question I wasting a bunch of money on an aftermarket fuel system for a truck I plan on keeping mostly stock? Or should I just live with the lift pump as it is and replace it if it fails...again? Any recommendations would be great thanks.
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In a word, yes. But the forum will tell you otherwise because it gives them a warm fuzzy feeling.

With that being said, if I do a fuel system, that's the way I'd do it. Reliable, fairly inexpensive, and simple. I hate electrical pumps after being stranded by one of the popular ones on here and almost stranded by one of the other popular ones on here. You could do the gdp, sump, 1/2" lines, and make your own filtering system for a couple hundred bucks more than an airdog or fass. Maybe even less than that.
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Thanks for the honesty BgBlDodge! I talked to Richard at GDP and he told me the factory CP3 is typically ok down to 1-2 psi, but obviously more is better. However I do not want to add a bunch of money just to show off that I have 15+ psi under load. I am very willing to spend the money if I will get long term gains from it. I am just not sure if it would be worth it if I am not heavily moding the truck.

If anyone has a similar setup do you actually see more power from the increase psi while towing?
If there is any power, it's very very tiny. You'd be better off with some better filtration than you would more pressure.
Ok thanks. I love the redundancy of the GDP and stock pump, but may hold off for a while and look at some filtration options with the aforementioned setup.

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Gdp has a remote mount filtering system.
Save your cash. The retrofitted in tank pumps have proven very reliable and a few guys are running 600hp with them

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