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Aftermarket DVD roof mounted lcd screens

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OK who makes the nicest and the clearest and best functioning version roof mounted lcd dvd player.

I looked around and seen a few different 1 from boss was 20" and pyle 19" and audiovox 10.5"

Im looking for 1 that'll work with the front screen/radio if need be or have them work independantly, like i have the radio blasting and the passengers are watching whatever with there headphones

Anyone point me in a good direction
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I put a Movies to Go 15.4" in my mega cab. I would not recomend them decent picture but the squeaking will drive you nuts.
I have a source on high quality LCD Panels. There are only 3 companies in the world that make L.C.D Panels, These 3 sell to branders that incase them or brand them with thier name..... Just some FYI
Yeah im getting some real silly answers locally.... J buck.. im thinking mount a 15" or 16" right in front of the factory rear interior light

Some are to heavy, some are to little, where i want it mounted won't work....

Laser let me know what you think would work with my radio, or it doesn't matter ,alpine 505
It reallyv does not matter. Just make sure you have a good ground so it doesn't cause any ground loop (noise) issue's.
Ok thanks Laser
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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